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High Quality protein

Lean Muscle need best quality protein for supplement range

Delicious flavours

We gives you best flavor for fulfill your hunger of taste.

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Next-Level results

Rich Iso Whey blen

RIch Iso Is the best whey protein formula for lean muscle gain plus help in fat loss.

Amino Rich Bcaa

Amino rich is highly potent muscle recover during workout session for intense training.

Viper pre-workout

Viper is the indias best pre-workout supplement. it helps pump muscle, increase workout session, focus and excellent workout


Mx L-carnitine for fat loss and reduce fat from inner belly. it will help to increase energy during workout.

hulk mass weight gainer

muscle needs calories and protein in appropriate amount post workout meal.


Crea-mono is basic creatine monohydrate supplement for power building and mass gaining.

New arrival - stack

The power of Musclex

VIBREL V3 PRO offers you state-of-the-art sound technology with complete rhythm control. The headphone’s structure will enhance the way you hear and feel the music, with no boundaries.

Only $239

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making body batter


The way you need to hear

Beyond your dreams

New coffee flavor available

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