Divine nutrition Nitra Max 2kg Choco caramel


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Divine nutrition Nitra Max 2kg

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NITRAMAX is carefully formulated to meet the necessary requirements of individuals looking to increase their Muscle & Strength more efficiently. It comes with an optimal dosage of Creatine (3g), 30g Protein (75%) from Whey Protein Isolate (as a primary source), ProHydrolase® enzyme, and 7 vital nutrients that altogether help in post-workout recovery, digestion, Muscle Building, Strength & overall growth—giving users an advantage over ordinary whey protein supplements and 5-6 more servings than most products in this segment.

What is ProHydrolase®?
ProHydrolase is an enzyme that digests protein into a bio-usable form to help build muscle and aid muscle recovery.

Recommended Consumption:

  • Take 1 Serving daily.
  • To improve Muscle growth & recovery use after workout
  • For optimum results use with proper diet and exercise routine.
  • Must not be used as a substitute for meals
  • Can be consumed to increase overall protein intake


  • Mix one scoop ( approx . 40g ) of NitraMax with 250ml chilled water or Skimmed Milk for better taste & increased protein content.
  • Add your favorite fruits/peanut butter as per your preference
  • No blending required
  • Shake vigorously; consume

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