New life shield of trust is our guarantee that the products sold on the site are 100% Authentic and only sourced directly from brands or their authorized distributors.

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  • Products delivered from New Life Supplement warehouse directly to the consumers.
  • Stock procured at New Life  directly from brands & authorised importers.
  • New Life Supplement certified as authorised retailer by all major brands and importers.
  • Imported Products have an Importer Sticker or the Importer details printed in the label.
  • Products have a valid Expiry Date and Batch Number printed.
  • Tax Paid Retail Invoice provided with all orders.

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At, we strive to provide 100% authentic products to our customers by maintaining tight quality control during sourcing and distribution of supplements.

We invest an enormous amount of time and money to ensure that our supply chain is perfectly clean and you always get the right product. You can always be sure that all the promises shared above are met by us.

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When it comes to Nutritional Foods, we could not find a good and trusted brand or a multi-brand store, with the right products and at the right price since all major players were a marketplace with low reliability and trust!

We solved this problem by developing a multi-brand store on a Direct to Customer model, got certified by all the brands along with developing our own New life brand products.

Today, we have found huge success by solving this problem. We’re proud of it, and will continue to innovate and bring exciting products that help our customers become a better version of themselves

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