Nroute Mass Gainer 3kg

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Bulk up the right whey with protein + carbs

NRoute Mass Gainer is free of all “nasties”

Improves muscle tone and strength while you bulk up

It ensures you gain mass in a balanced and healthy way


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Nroute Mass Gainer 3kg


Nroute Mass Gainer 3kg Innate physiology and metabolism prevent a lot of us from gaining the right amount of body mass. Help is now at hand, in the form of weight gain supplements or gainers. Gainers are carb-rich formulations with adequate protein to enable weight gain. Most gainers in the market however are irresponsibly formulated with a quick gain promise and loaded with harmful ingredients which can have an undesirable impact on the body. An ideal gainer is one that is nutritionally balanced, scientifically designed and free of all “nasties”.

Nroute Mass Gainer 3kg Without a trace of any offending substances, NRoute Mass Gainer 3kg has an ideal carb to protein ratio which delivers the desired result in a gradual but healthy manner. The added complex carbs, as opposed to simple sugars, ensure that the weight gain is scientific. Added Glutamine and Creatine Monohydrate help to address muscle tone and strength. Soluble fibers promote digestibility and absorption. To round it off the added vitamins and minerals make it a complete, healthy weight gain package.

So, regardless of your motive, that is if you are underweight due to metabolic issues or you are planning to bulk up before starting an intense weight training program, reach out for NRouteMass Gainer and gain weight the right way!!

What are mass gainers?

Intense physical training often requires a person to consume more food so that they can get additional nutrients. Using a supplement that contains extra protein and carbohydrates is a convenient way to get more calories into the diet.

People often take mass gainers as a shake-style drink. Mass gainers contain varying amounts of macronutrients. They sometimes also contain other ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, and creatine.

People can choose products with fewer calories if their focus is on gaining lean muscle, rather than weight.

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